SHORT-TERM COMPASSIONATE THERAPIES that have been shown to work

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Our Mission

Founded in 2006, The Dialectical and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center serves to provide our clients with therapies that are of the highest quality and informed by the most recent research in psychological treatments; to provide training in dialectical and cognitive behavior therapy to professionals; and to educate the community about the potential benefits of dialectical and cognitive behavior therapies. Our team, led by Dr. Kevin Holtzman, is deeply experienced and extensively trained in both DBT and CBT.  Dr. Holtzman is one of the first psychologists in the Northeast to achieve Board Certification in DBT, and several members of the team have achieved Board Certification as well.

Kevin Holtzman, Psy.D.

Why choose a behavior therapy?

Independent clinical research supports the use of behavior therapy to treat various problems, including those listed in the “DBT offerings” and “CBT offerings” sections of our website.  In addition to the traditional elements of talk therapy, CBT and DBT focus on the development of new skills and strategies to more effectively handle emotions, thought process, behaviors and relationships.  As a result of this focus, CBT and DBT provide short-term therapy solutions for those who are effectively able to incorporate the skills they learn into their daily life.

What we offer

  • CBT Insomnia
  • DBT Adults
  • DBT Adolecents
  • DBT Training
  • CBT Training
  • Parent Consultation
  • CBT Adults
  • CBT Adolecents